My Book

Tears of the Phoenix, Revised and Updated by Lonnie Beerman
A Coming of Age Novel ed. by Lee Titus Elliott

A Gold Medal “Readers Favorite Award Winner” in General Fiction recognized at the 2012 Miami International Book Festival, this revised and updated edition expounds further into the lives of its characters and how their stories resonate with today’s headlines.

In Tears of the Phoenix, author Lonnie Beerman does an outstanding job of bringing to life the story of three boys whose new-found, yet deep friendship, helps them cope with numerous life-altering challenges. With his powerful opening and dramatic narrative style, readers’ are quickly drawn inside the fortunes and fate of the main characters. Drawing upon today’s fragmented, frenetic and frightening world, this book is a lifeline to hope and faith in the ultimate support of friendship, family, and community. Like the best-selling Where the Crawdads Sing, this story captures the perspective of youth while dealing with the challenges of adult living. Beerman skillfully weaves an emotional web of past and present, family secrets, adolescent angst and variances on romance as he delves into the complexities of family relationships and offers insight into the importance of love, friendship, and acceptance. Throughout, the young characters remain at the center of the story even when adult experiences loom large.

Readers will laugh, cry, and reflect on the varied storylines feeling as if they know the characters personally, and still yearn to know more about each. Above all, Tears of the Phoenix is a window into the innermost thoughts and feelings of boys and men, the impact of their friendship, and it’s life-long thread in people’s lives. It is a story healing “the hearts of men and boys and the women who love them.”

The Mighty Misfits…

We all have felt a bit out of place at times, especially in school, or have known someone who danced to a different drummer. When reading this, such books and/or films such as, “To Kill A Mockingbird,” “Stand by Me,” and “The Goonies” come immediately to mind. A kid’s adventure that would last a lifetime.

In this one, Lonnie Beerman takes us on a similar, youthful odyssey in which three young boys, all set apart from the norm, end up becoming fast friends and together, like Don Quixote, trash the windmills of convention and carve out their own unique paths that will take them through life.

They encounter sexual orientation issues, religious awakenings, bullying, death & disease, loneliness, abusive parenting, family angst and, most of all, a friendship that will transcend all boundaries. Read it for a good cry, genuine laughter or to re-discover that lost world called…Innocence.”